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Shildon Businesses or the Shildon Chamber of Trade as we are officially known was reformed in April 2014 by local businessman Chris Bowman of Console Connections. The Chamber of Trade is a membership only, not for profit organisation whose membership includes companies large and small.

Our objectives are to promote and protect the general and individual interests of our members and to act as a channel of communication between them and public authorities and other bodies. Since we reformed we have linked up with numerous groups and organisations, one of which is Durham Constabulary. Working together on projects like Shopwatch has made our high street a safer place to shop.

We also launched the Shildon Loyalty Card with the aim of encouraging people to shop locally, which benefits local businesses and the wider community.  The money from the sale of these cards will help us become self sustaining as well as enabling us to provide events like the Christmas market.

As our logo suggests we are not only looking for businesses of the town to work together but the community as a whole. 

For more information please contact us:

Chair of the Chamber of Trade 

15 Larch Ave


DL4 2BN 

Tel: 07977 724008