Shildon Town Council has service responsibility for the provision of 11 allotment sites throughout the town including 3 community gardens.

Allotments Privacy Notice
Shildon Town Council is the data controller for allotment tenancies. 

What we will do with your data?
Shildon Town Council will use it to process any issues surrounding your tenancy.


Personal data held
A description of the personal data that the council processes in respect of the Allotments and for what purpose is set out below:-

Title, name, address, contact details (telephone and email) and allotment site correspondence.

Use of personal data for the following purposes:

To maintain and administer an allotment database

Billing purposes

To contact you in the event of a problem with your tenancy/plot

Communications relating to the allotment service

To enable us to meet all legal and statutory obligations

To notify you of changes eg. rent etc. 

How will we share your data? 

Information provided for the provision of allotment tenancies is shared internally with the accounts and admin department.

To find out more about how we share, collect and retain your personal data visit:  


Site Location No. of Plots  Contact Telephone Number
Auckland Terrace West 53 01388 772563 - Shildon Town Council
Auckland Terrace 17 07811 051843 -Secretary Ms S Ingall
Furnace Pit - Community Garden 1 01388 417600 - Shildon Alive
Furnace Pit 30 01388 772563 - Shildon Town Council
Byerley Road 50 01388 777334 - Secretary Mr P Plews
Dale Road 14 01388 772563 - Shildon Town Council
Graham Terrace - Community Garden 10 01388 776324 - Secretary Mr M Picken 
Lambton Street 130 01388 779235 - Secretary Mr P L Johnson
Sunnydale 32 01388 772563 - Shildon Town Council
West Road 62 07516 018680 - Secretary Mr G Graver
Waverley Terrace - Community Garden 55 07712 675777 - Secretary Jack Owen
Brickyard Allotments  11 01388 772563 - Shildon Town Council

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